• Unlimited NotificationsUnlimited Notifications
  • Reduce SMS CostsReduce SMS Costs
  • Create Private GroupsCreate Private Groups
  • Easy SetupEasy Setup
  • Send LinksPayment + Document Links
  • Open Reports'Open' Reports
What is Private Messaging?

You can send messages to specific classes or create your own groups.

Securely import contact numbers
We'll send contacts a link to download app
Contacts now receive direct messages
Save money with our Shared App....
Our Shared Apps are shown below. Select / Favourite your school from a list of local schools and receive public / private messages and recent updates.
School Messages
Schools NI
Schools Dublin
Schools Ireland
Schools England
How much does the Shared App cost?
There is NO additional charge. The Shared App is included in your website's annual fee.
How do parents get the app?
If they are listed as a contact we'll send them a handy SMS link (see above)
Alternatively visit the school's website and click on the 'Download App' banner at the very top.
Can our school have their own App?
Most schools are really happy using a Shared App (above), though for your own branded and individually-listed app we have a paid-option available. Get in touch for more info.
individually-listed school app
Still sending SMS texts?
Your SMS text annual cost is: £749.25
Use our calculator to work out how much money you can save...*Calculated over 37 weeks @ 4.5p / 5.5c per text
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